Where to learn how to code on reddit?

Hi all, what are some of the best websites to learn to code. Is the industry looking for programming or computer science? How come they have Khan Academy but not edx The Odin Project has a really great curriculum as well. They're not saying become a full programmer by writing novel algorithms that the world runs on, they're saying learn to code so you can solve problems that your peers can't using code as the tool to do it. When you started programming, you might have wondered when you would learn how to create the next Reddit, or when you would learn to be able to make those fancy graphics, or how to do different algorithms.

You'll learn how to have your own website hosted for free on Google App Engine, but you'll also learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls he had to go through to get Reddit to where it is today, among other things. Especially when you're just starting to learn programming, it's best to learn a language and stick with it for a while. They know what they know (e.g. Java) and anything they didn't learn in school is hard for them to learn on their own.

Video lectures, finger exercises, a weekly project and a great discussion forum help create a much better learning environment than the coding academy. Before you start, keep in mind that studying existing code is not necessarily the best way to learn to code. They prefer to write code that is wrong, and then talk to someone to make sure they are coding the right thing. If the code you copy or adapt doesn't fix bugs or create new ones, you could be complicating your code and making it harder to understand as you try to solve a problem.

I did raw HTML and CSS for this, but I was told to transfer the code to react and so I learned it and did it the hard way. You don't need to be intrinsically good at maths to learn these topics (or any maths topic, really), but having some mathematical maturity certainly wouldn't hurt, and would probably make the learning process easier.

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