Should I learn C before Python?

There is no relationship between python and c. You can learn python easily and you don't need any other language to learn first before learning this. JAVA is similar to c and c there are very few differences between the two, the main difference is the syntax. You can learn both and get jobs with both.

I suggest Python first because it will get you writing useful programs faster and is a better language for automating common computing tasks. C requires more motivation because you will have to spend more time learning before you see interesting results. Compared to Python, C is a rather difficult language to learn. However, despite its learning difficulties, C is an extremely flexible language that gives the programmer considerable power over everything on the computer, including memory allocation, which is impossible to control in Python.

In my opinion, you should learn Python before trying to learn C or C, as you will get a better understanding of the basics, C is lower level than Python, so you will need to do more commands to do something you can do in one line in Python. This makes it harder to learn as a first language, but if you are motivated and like to learn how things work in depth, or intend to work with C, it is a good first language. It is widely used, and has a reputation for being easy to write, so learning all the essential concepts will be comparatively easier than learning C. If you're just interested in programming and want to dive in without going all the way, learn Python for its easier-to-learn syntax.

And if you need a break from your IDE, Educative's developer learning platform allows you to code directly in your web browser, no configuration required). If you plan to learn one language as a stepping stone to learning another language, you're probably wasting your time. Both snippets give the same result, but if you're a beginner, trying to understand C code will probably scare you, even if you can get a full sense of Python code. Today, we'll explore what makes C one of the best first languages to learn for new software developers, and how to easily start learning some basic C programming concepts.

Educative's interactive course, Learn C from Scratch, is the perfect primer for learning C from scratch. Python and C are both object-oriented languages, so you'll be learning the same programming methodology. The order in which you learn the languages doesn't really matter, but starting from a lower abstraction to a higher abstraction makes it easier to understand some things. Any time you spend debating is time you're not learning one language, especially since it seems like eventually* you'll want to learn both.

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