Can you learn to code in 30 days?

Learning to code is challenging and will take time. But if you use those 30 days to absorb everything you can and create a daily coding habit, success is inevitable. If you're ready to get started but still not sure where to begin, I recommend you check out Codecademy's web development course. Anyone can learn to code.

Here's how to get started as a beginner programmer in just 30 days. Well, I did the guides, started teaching coding classes and I wouldn't even necessarily call myself a good coder at that point, nor would I say I know how to code. But if you're learning to code after 30, there are certain things you need to consider to set yourself up for success. I see a lot of people who say they want to learn to code but don't know what their real goals are.

Whether you are a parent or already busy with a stressful career in a different field, you will have to work harder to dedicate time and space to learning to code. Spending 30 days learning how to code properly before you touch the big app development project you have in mind will be time well spent. I had tried to learn to code before, but found that most online tutorials focused on syntax and not on creating real applications. People have learned to code well into their 60s and beyond, and many professionals have found new positions as software developers.

You can also use a platform like BuildFire to give you a head start without having to learn to code from scratch. But what if you don't have the time to learn to code? Well, there are a few shortcuts you can take to get your app to market faster. Creating a schedule of what you need to learn will give you a reliable way forward and reduce much of the stress inherent in learning a new skill. Another alternative is to use a builder that takes care of the basic framework for you, while allowing you to learn the basic coding for your advanced features.

The time and energy you can devote to learning programming languages will pay off in the skills you learn. Both of you have gone through the same pain of learning to code and build a startup at the same time. So the real answer to that question, I think, and questions like, how long does it take someone to learn to code, is really when do you feel comfortable with coding? When do you feel good about calling yourself a coder? You don't feel like you're lying to people. A builder like BuildFire can handle these pieces so you can focus on the important code you'll need to learn for the best possible user experience.

William Sandoual
William Sandoual

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